Boekmerk 48 (2015/2)

In our series about famous artists who have made ex-libris, we have arrived in the south of Europe (in Italy and in Spain, to be more precise). In this first episode, bookplates made by Enrico Baj, Luigi Bartolini, Salvador Dali, Alexandre de Riquer, Alberto Martini, Ricardo Opisso and Pablo Picasso are discussed.  
Martin R. Baeyens has selected a new series of surprising variants of specific bookplates in his collection. He analyses designs by Fritz Mock, Rudolf Oeffinger and Fernand Khnopff.
Catherine De Braekeleer, the director of the Centre de la Gravure et de l’Image imprimée in La Louvière, looks back on the exposition of the graphic work of the famous modern Belgian artist Luc Tuymans. A Walloon museum presenting a Flemish artist: a beautiful initiative!
The collector discussing his favourite artist and talking about his view on the ex-libris world, is the Dutch specialist of Russian and Belarusian art, Gerard Polderman. It will be no surprise that in his talk with Jack van Peer the names of Jurij Jakovenko, Roman Sustov and Konstantin Kalinovich were mentioned frequently.
In the section about foreign ex-libris designers deserving attention, we present the Chinese wood engraver (living in Japan) Guilan Qiu and the Turkish CGD artist Tezcan Bahar. The former was rewarded at the latest small graphics competition in Sint-Niklaas, the latter is praised by a specialist of the CGD print, Martin R. Baeyens.
Afterwards Ward Bohé, curator of the Municipal Museums of Sint-Niklaas, discusses the seven prize winners of the 2015 edition of the ex-libris and small graphics competition organized by the IEC. Surprising fact: four of the seven prizes were awarded to young Polish competitors. Our readers may want to remember the names of Motoaki Fujimoto (Japan), Guilan Qiu (China), Sergejys Kolecenko (Letvia) and of the Polish artists Michal Pisialek, Grzegorz Izdebski, Weronika Marszelewska and Tomasz Hankus.
Recent ex-libris reproduced in this issue are made by Vasyl Angelov, Walter Brems, Jan Cernos, Karel Demel, Zdenek Janda, Onnik Karanfilian, Hristo Kerin, Jochen Kublik, Rosalind Lindsey, Valerio Mezzetti, Anastasia Melnikova and Yurij Nozdrin.

Finally, we present a prestigious as well as an ambitious initiative, a portfolio edited by Chris Verheyen and Zora Petrasova in celebration of their sixtieth birthday: 60 x 60, The Wondering Mind. Sixty graphic artists from 24 countries have contributed to the project by making a print for the portfolio, which will be exhibited in numerous galleries all over the world. In that way, both ladies aspire to bring artists together, to make them cooperate, to attract a new public and to promote the graphic arts.

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