Boekmerk 47 (2015/1)

In the series about famous artists who have made (one or more) ex-libris we present the second part of the survey about the Central European countries. This time the Austrian artists are no longer predominant, but mainly Czech and Swiss graphic designers are discussed. The list this time consists of Moser, Mucha, Okun, Orlik, Simon, Tinguély, Toyen, Tschumi, Vallet and Welti.

Two thematic articles follow. First Martin R. Baeyens analyses surprising variants of specific bookplates in his collection. Next the suggestion of Heinrich R. Scheffer, president of the Austrian ex-libris organization, to no longer call a bookplate an ‘ex-libris’ but ‘Eignergrafik’ (‘owner graphic’), is considered (but not supported).

Quite proudly we can announce that we have succeeded in convincing the famous Belgian painter and graphic artist Roger Wittevrongel to make his first ex-libris (at the age of 81!). The road that led to the realization of a bookplate for Jack van Peer and me, is the theme of the following contribution.

In this issue for the second time in a row a Belgian collector is invited to talk about his fascination for the ex-libris. The poet Cyril Gladines talks to Jack van Peer about his career as a teacher and a principal, discusses his literary production and presents his favourite bookplates.

The two foreign artists who are discussed afterwards are by no means beginners in the field of the bookplate: for a few decades they have both mainly been working in a technique that was never the most popular: linocut in the case of Mauricio Schvarzman from Argentina and CGD in the case of the Rumanian Ovidiu Petca. Both are specialists of their favourite medium and have certainly not been unsuccessful: Schvarzman was the laureate of more than 60 national and international competitions and also Petca can show an impressive list of rewards.

Lu Boeykens of the IEC talks about all the activities the museum will organize in 2015. One of the major events is the proclamation of the prize winners of the twentieth international small graphics competition organized in Sint-Niklaas.

Recent bookplates reproduced afterwards were made by Frank Eissner, Desislav Gechev, Takeshi Katori, Jan Kavan, Jochen Kublik, Vladislav Kvartalny, Suzanne Loots and Veliko Marinchevski.

Finally we review Inpressioni, an Italian magazine that doesn’t charge its readers any contribution (though they are kindly asked to support the organizing institution one way or the other). A well-known collector, Gian Carlo Torre, is one of the editors.


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